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SpecTechSnab Ltd. is a modern fast-growth enterprise dealing with manufacture and supply of equipment for different manufacturing sectors, including ship building, power and mining industries, metallurgy etc.

Active cooperation with our Russian and foreign business partners, our own production base and qualified staff, using of modern equipment and technologies let us provide our clients with modern high-quality products and service on the most favourable terms.

Our technologies allow us to design and manufacture custom equipment for different industries, helping to meet our customers’ production objectives.

SpecTechSnab Ltd. is open for cooperation. We are looking forward to becoming your reliable partners ready to make our best to solve your production problems.

Marine equipment, marine equipment supply, ship engines, marine diesels, spare parts, marine diesel engines, repair and replacement parts for shipbuilding and ship repair.

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Item Name
(brand, drawing)
1 Pressure relay sensor ДЕМ 102-2-05-2 (0,7MPa – 3MPa) 1992,QC, spare parts, tools and equipment 8
2 Pressure relay sensor ДЕМ 102-1-02-2 (0,1МПа - 1МПа) 1991, QC, spare parts, tools and equipment 2
3 Magnetic direct current starter ПП 1558, 175-320V 2
4 Magnetic direct current starter ППР 1154, 175-320V, 20А, work current 9А, 1989 1
5 Magnetic direct current starter ПП 1155, 175-320V 1
6 Magnetic direct current starter ППР 2355, 175-320V, 45А 1
7 Circulating pump ЭНЦ-4,5/6,2, 380/220V, serial No 51212, spare parts, tools and equipment, CQ, 2012 1
8 End switch ВП16Г23Б-23Б-241-55, 16А, 660-440V 7
9 End switch ВП16Г23Б-23Б-231-55, 16А, 660-440V 3
10 Contactor КМ 2312-16М4 1
11 Portable light СС-1240Б 1
12 Portable light glass СС-835Б, matt 40
13 Ventilator РСС 63/40-1.1.4, right hand rotation 0?, 380V, CQ, 2011 2
14 Ring wrench No 68 (for ventilators РСС 63/40, РСС 50/63, РСС 100/25) 1
15 Ventilator (small magnetic body) 15ЦС-СМ11, 220V, AC, with engine model АОМШМ21-2 ОМ5, 0,5kW, 23 kW (instead of engine model РСС 10/10, РСС 16/10). 2