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Portable РСС Ventilator 10/10-П "CRAB" is designed for indoor input and extracting ventilation of ship rooms while fitting-out and repair works, temporary working spaces at factory shops and building areas. It is also used for stythe exhaust after fire extinguishing (carbon dioxide, fire-fighting liquid vapour, petrochemicals, fume etc.). Due to its high performance, reliability and compactness, the fan is widely used in other industries.

The fan is available in four versions with AC and DC power supply. Being small-sized, this fan can be installed in very small rooms and stored in any place. Its rigid construction resists impacts and falls. The ventilator is made from aluminum alloys and has a molded case. The system uses flexible hoses (dia 150 mm and total length up to 40 m), connected to the inlet and outlet ducts and also to each other by special grippers. The electric network is equipped with the short-circuit protection. The fan can be mounted on various kinds of surface and fixed if necessary. It is able to work in any desired position. The ventilator is equipped with 30 m length cable, which makes it possible to connect it to a remote power source. The cable is wound on a spool, fixed on the fan frame.

Use Conditions:
AC voltage127, 220 and 380 V (three variations) and DC 220 V. Rotational Velocity - 3000 rpm

Air Capacity, m3/h: 1000
Total Pressure, Pa: 840
Consumed Power, kW: 0,6
Overall Dimensions, mm: 415х500х560
Weight, kg: 30...54